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Running Tips To Prevent Tripping up Over Pain

Running and jogging enthusiasts know that these exercises provide a range of benefits: a healthy heart, lowered weight and boosted mood are just a few of the positive outcomes of incorporating running into a lifestyle. Unfortunately, injuries, from shin splints to bunions, can set you back if you are not careful about how you approach these activities. If you are just starting out, or you have a few miles under your belt but have not thought about injury prevention, you can minimize that risk by following these routines.

Buy the Correct Shoes

Because you place significant weight on your joints and feet with every step, you need to choose shoes that fit your feet and running style. A good shoe store can assess whether your feet are stable or if they roll inward or outward naturally. Choose shoes based on that assessment. Follow these additional shopping guidelines: Shop late in the day when your feet are swollen; wear your running socks; measure both feet since they may vary in size; and select shoes that have a roomy front but that do not slip at the heel.

Start Slowly

Runners know that they feel better on some days than on others. On those occasions when running feels effortless, you may be inclined to keep going well past your previous distances. Increasing your miles too quickly is a certain way to come up lame. Set a schedule and stick to it. Consider increasing your distance by no more than 10% per week. Even then, if you feel lingering pain in your feet or joints, especially at night, consult with pain management Orange Park FL before you exacerbate the condition.

Adopt the Right Running Style

When starting out, run with a shorter stride. If you can do so naturally, try to land more on the middle of your feet and push off with your toes; avoid crashing down on your heels, which sends a shock up the legs and into the joints. On the other hand, it may be more important to stride in a way that feels natural to you, just so long as you keep your steps short. Also, warming up very slowly will help you ease into your natural movements.

It can take a few weeks of jogging or running to feel the benefits. An unexpected injury can prevent you from reaching that point. By taking it easy at the start, progressing slowly and dealing immediately with pain issues, you can stay on the track instead of getting sidetracked.

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