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4 Tips for Tidying Up Your Storage Spaces

Does it make you feel better to know that even the neatest person on earth probably has an area of “storage suck”? Examples might include messy jewelry boxes, exploding kitchen cupboards and overflowing bathroom counters. If you’ve hit a roadblock when it comes to tidying up specific storage spaces, consider these four tips.

1. Organize Your Jewelry Drawer

Jewelry drawers are notorious for their tangled contents. How many times have you sat down to untangle a mess of necklaces? If you’re struggling with keeping your fine jewelry and accessories organized, invest in jewelry drawer dividers. Soft velvet tray dividers protect your precious gems and make your drawer look like a million dollars! From watches to earrings, bracelets, rings, pins and pendants, dividers accommodate your entire jewelry collection. And, if you’re looking to expand your collection, modular trays allow you to keep up with your storage capacity.

2. Install a Lazy Susan

The versatile Lazy Susan lets you maximize storage in tight spaces. Put one on your bathroom counter and fill it with your daily grooming items such as deodorant, scent, hair products and essential oils. Place one in your fridge and fill it with easy-to-access condiments like ketchup, mayo and mustard. Got a kitchen cupboard with a hard-to-reach back corner? Install a Lazy Susan and load it with pantry staples or assorted spices that require dark, dry and cool storage conditions.

3. Stash Stuff in Shoeboxes

The humble shoebox makes a great storage area for items from shoes and scarves to underwear and ties. Roll clothing into uniform, compact shapes and store them in a shoebox for easy access. This is an especially effective method if you’re tight on your closet and dresser space. You can also use a shoebox to store bathroom and kitchen linens, such as washcloths and tea towels.

4. Schedule a Regular Cleanout

Whether you schedule an annual purge of your closet or commit to an audit of your medicine cabinet every three months, setting a regular date to clean out any personal area is key to staying on top of clutter. Why not make it fun? Put on some music as you work and donate lightly used or unopened items to thrift stores and community shelters.

If these four tips appeal to you and your storage-tidying interests, look for more ideas online. From professional organizers’ websites to Pinterest and Instagram, you can find incredible, creative solutions.

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