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4 Lessons to Ponder From the Psalms

Scripture offers Christians plenty of thoughts to meditate on. In particular, the Psalms provide countless Christian life lessons worth contemplating. The Psalmist includes a multitude of recurring themes throughout the book, which makes it a natural place to begin our contemplative journey. Here are a few of those lessons to consider as you go throughout your day today.

The Lord Protects

One repeated theme throughout Psalms is that of God’s endless protection. Even when the psalmist is in trouble, he cries out to God, who is ever-present. Although many Psalms cry out about how God seems far from His people, they eventually point to the fact that just as He promised, He will “never leave you nor forsake you” (Deuteronomy 31:6).

The Lord is Compassionate

Scripture tells us again and again how much empathy God has for His people. Psalm 103 tells us specifically of His compassion and grace. It expresses the truth that even though we are sinners, He “does not treat us as our sins deserve”, but instead treats us with the same kindness and compassion that a father has for his children. Even though we are small and insignificant compared to His infinite power and importance, He still loves each of His children tenderly.

The Lord Guides

A truth that the Psalms frequently dwells on is God’s merciful guidance. Rather than leaving His people to find their own way, He leads us in His paths, with His personal guidance. The Psalms use poetic imagery which compares God with a lantern providing light or a shepherd looking after his sheep. These pictures are perfectly fitting because God is so invested in leading His people in the way they should go. He does not abandon His children.

The Lord is Worthy of Praise

If the Psalms make only one lesson clear, it is surely this: God is worth praising. Whole chapters in the book of Psalms are devoted to describing the practice of worshipping Him. Scripture asserts that because God is powerful, loving and great, He is worthy of praise. Some scholars even argue that this is one of the main purposes of God creating human beings: to worship Him. It’s in our nature to celebrate things that are wonderful, beautiful or otherwise exceptional, so of course, it follows that we are made to worship our creator.

Though all of Scripture is a unified story with repeating themes, the Psalms, in particular, offer us life lessons to ponder as we go through our Christian walk. By meditating on these themes, we can expand our knowledge of His nature and strengthen our relationship with Him.

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