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Top 4 Factors for Selecting Land to Build Your Next Home

You’re ready to build your dream home, but there’s one thing holding you back. You don’t have the land to put in on yet. Buying land can be intimidating. Once you make your purchase, there’s no going back. Be sure to consider a few vital factors.


In real estate, location is everything. If you’re looking for land for sale in Suffolk VA, do your research. You should consider the distance to places you frequent. Quality local school systems can be key if you have children. They can also benefit your resale value. Assess area trends. Does it seem like an up-and-coming neighborhood or one in decline? It’s a great idea to look into natural hazards like flood plains and fire zones, too.


The plot of land needs to be the right dimensions to meet your needs. If you already have a blueprint for your build, make sure your home will fit correctly on the parcel. You need to keep setbacks in mind when planning. The dimensions will also determine how close your neighbors can build. If you want more privacy, you may opt for a more square-shaped parcel instead of a long, narrow one. Any special features, like a walk-out basement or side-load garage, will need to be compatible with the parcel shape.


Verify any restrictions that your property would be subject to. Zoning is the first thing you need to consider. Check if your desired area is residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural. Some restrictions get much more specific. Certain areas may limit building use. That means structures like sheds, barns, or detached garages could be forbidden. Homeowner associations frequently have covenants and restrictions that must be obeyed to live in that neighborhood. The association can even require certain building materials, styles, colors, and square footage.


Available utilities vary by location. You should confirm what will be accessible in your area. Rural locations may not be able to tie into city sewer and water. That means installing a septic system and well. It’s recommended to research phone, internet, cable, natural gas, and electrical services. Utility accessibility may affect where on your parcel your home needs to be built. For example, a septic system needs certain soil types and acceptable distances from your home and well.

Don’t let shopping for land scare you. As long as you do your due diligence, you can select the perfect parcel to build on.

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