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Tips for Serving Up a Welcoming Bakery-Cafe

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If you are one of the talented individuals who can create a scone that comes out moist and flavorful instead of dry and tasteless, or if your muffins pop with sensory richness, you may have given thoughts to what it would take to open a bakery. After all, if your friends and family always beg for thirds, why not display your talents to the world? While a great deal of detail goes into starting any business, you can have fun with the process by first outline your bakery-cafe’s interior.

Eye-Catching Appeal

When customers first enter a shop, whether a bakery-cafe or deli, they are first drawn to the displays. You should think carefully about your cold storage and bakery cabinets from store fixtures NJ so that you create the look you want; consider laminate choices, colors, sizes and other design criteria. You should anticipate future needs based on your projections. You do not want to purchase cases that are too big to fill, nor do you want to have too little space to meet your ambitions.

Coffee and Caps

A great cafe-bakery needs a great commercial espresso machine. Just as with your display cases, choose a machine that will handle your workload, but that also looks sleek and professional. Consider it a bonus to find one that matches your displays in style and trim. Next, look at ranges of industrial coffeemakers that can brew at least two carafes at a time, in case you face a run on service at some point.

Giving and Taking

When planning for your display fixtures and coffee area, you have to decide on two possible extra stations. First, ask yourself whether you will want customers to clear their own tables. If so, create a space for bus tubs, garbage receptacles and recycling containers. Second, if you plan to provide ceramic utensils and silverware, choose how you will make these available. Too often, small eateries put the two areas together. Try to avoid falling back on that unappetizing solution.

Ambiance and Feeling

Tables and chairs, where most of your customers will spend all of their time, are critical fixtures since they will leave a lasting impression. Spend a little extra to get the look and durability you want. Also, if you decide to project background music, choose a good multi-speaker system; you would be surprised at the fidelity you can get from carefully-selected small loudspeakers.

Your cafe-bakery should be a space that reflects your personality. Not only will your customers appreciate the personal touches you incorporate, but you will be thrilled every time you enter your shop.

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