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Backyard Must-Haves for the Ultimate Staycation

It is nice to travel to far-off lands for adventure and relaxation. However, sometimes traveling is anything but relaxing. If you find yourself spending vacation days at home, use that saved money to transform the backyard into your own private resort.

Staycations are becoming more and more popular for those who want to unwind and feel rejuvenated after their vacation, instead of needing time off to recuperate from it. Not only will you enjoy your home more, but you will add to its value. Remember that as you sunbathe in your newly renovated backyard oasis.


You are not on vacation unless you have access to a pool, hot tub or beach. Being close to water is essential for lounging. The sound of water is relaxing, and the sight of rippling waves can place anyone in a trance. Whether you already have a swimming pool or need to call Pittsburgh pool installers, consider adding some special touches to make it truly resort-worthy.

If you incorporate a ledge into your design, then you can add ledge loungers. These chairs will become to most coveted spots in the pool. They allow you to relax with your lower body comfortably in the water while your upper body soaks up the sun. You also want to add LED lighting for night swims or simply to add ambiance.


When the sun goes down and the breeze kicks up, there is no better place to be than sitting around a fire. Fire and water complement each other visually and practically, which is why fire features are popping up in pool designs everywhere. If you have open space in the backyard, build a fire pit to sit and roast marshmallows around. You could build an outside fireplace on the patio or even install a pizza oven. For a less expensive option, surround your seating area with tiki torches. They will provide light and maybe even keep the bugs away.


If sunbathing all day is not for you, then include some activities in your backyard resort. Pool sports are a fun way to stay active while cooling off. Add a basketball hoop to the deep end, or mount a volleyball net across the shallow section. If sports aren’t your thing, then you can’t go wrong with a swim-up bar. Swim-up bars are not only good for drinking cocktails, they give you a place to sit any beverage or snack.

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