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Designing a Luxury Home

Whether you’re designing a new house, moving into a prefabricated construction, or just on an HGTV binge, understanding what makes a home luxurious can transform your living space into something extraordinary. Especially if you’re building a new luxury home, you want to be up with all the latest trends so you have a good idea of the plethora of options available to you. There are a few common threads in most high end homes that add value and comfort to every day experiences.

Spa Options

As much as you might hope, in-home spa options don’t come with professionals to rub down sore muscles or clean out your pores, but there’s technology that can do almost the same thing! A wet room is a growing phenomenon in luxury homes. Think of it like a sauna meets a shower: multiple shower heads, a steamer option, a place to sit or lie down, whatever feels most comfortable. Many people are opting for a well-ventilated wet room to be their room of relaxation.

Tech Rooms

It seems almost every high end house these days has some kind of media center included. Whether upstairs or over the garage, they often include a cinema-sized screen with a projector and lots of comfy seating. If you’re a movie buff or need somewhere separate for the kids to hang out with friends, this can be a great option. Add a couple of gaming consoles and easy hook up options and you’ve got party central. Some people even opt to sound proof the media rooms so the noise doesn’t bother the rest of the house or the neighbors.


Two common materials you’ll find in luxury lodgings are stone and wood. Stone is popular because of its regal look and many different color and texture options. Typically, it’s used only on the facade of a home, but in more expensive dwellings people may use it as a backsplash in the kitchen or part of the bathroom shower or tub. Wood is the other popular building material because it has such a wide variety. There are tons of different cuts and stains that make wood incredibly adaptable in addition to looking like a shiny polished finish in any room.

So if you’re thinking of creating a luxury home for yourself, keep these few design tips in mind and decide if they might fit in with your lifestyle and overall vision!

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