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4 Unique Religious Gifts

Whether you’re looking for a thank you gift for a pastor, priest or rabbi, a hostess gift for your Bible study group leader, or just something special for a spiritually-minded friend, there is a wide variety of gifts available for nearly everyone. Here are a few unique gifts to consider for your next special occasion.


Bookmarks are a simple, memorable gift that’s perfect for anyone. The recipient can use it to mark their place in their holy text, and they’ll think of you every time they see it. You can find the perfect religious bookmark for sale at affordable prices from many retailers. Consider some out-of-the-ordinary bookmarks, such as magnetic bookmarks, ribbon bookmarks or magnifying bookmarks to suit the specific needs of your friend.


Journals are a great gift for a religious friend. Look for journals printed with inspiring messages from your friend’s favorite holy text, or choose one with an emblem that matches their religion. Many people appreciate having a special journal to take notes on sermons or talks, to record their spiritual insights and prayers or to copy special passages into. You could even pair this gift with one of the bookmarks above and some journaling pens for a really well-rounded gift set.


Religious jewelry is a gift that is sure to be treasured. Necklaces, earrings or bracelets with a religious symbol or quote will make a thoughtful gift. These gifts don’t have to be limited to women only — religious dog tags, cufflinks and watches might be appreciated by a male friend. Take into consideration your friend’s taste and style, then look for a piece that interprets that style through a religious or spiritual lens.

Book Covers

Many religious people appreciate a specially made cover for their religious text. Not only will it add a touch of elegance to their text, but it will also protect the book from unnecessary wear or damage. Leather, linen, wool or canvas covers are durable choices, and they’ll keep a text looking like new for years to come. Keep in mind the dimensions of your friend’s religious text too, to ensure the cover fits like a glove. If you have the means, a book cover customized with the recipient’s name will make the gift extra special. 

Spiritually-minded friends will appreciate a gift that’s just for them, and adding a religiously-inspired component will make it even more meaningful. Whatever you chose, your friend is sure to love the fact that you put so much consideration into their gift.

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