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3 Types of Spa Treatment

Although most people mainly refer to facials and massages when they talk about spa treatment, several spa facilities are starting to offer a variety of services to their clientele. The changing dynamics of market demand increasingly require businesses to provide more options to customers. Spa treatments promote a sense of relaxation by freeing the mind and body from daily tensions. If you’re suffering from chronic headaches or back pain, you should consider looking into the three types of spa treatment.

Body Massages

When most clients review the spa menu, they often select their option in the massage section. The option requested the most is the Swedish massage, which involves rhythmic choppings and friction techniques. Otherwise known as tapotement, rhythmic choppings expend a great amount of force. Friction helps relax tense muscles with softly applied pressure from the hands. Kneading is applied with more force. A hot stone massage is an effective type of deep tissue massage. Therapists apply the same techniques as the Swedish massage with hot stones, further detoxifying the body by encouraging relaxation and relieving muscle pain. With aromatherapy, therapists use essential oils that are absorbed by the skin. They also use body creams, natural herbs and thermal compresses, all of which help improve mood and encourage sleep.

Facial Treatments

There are other spa treatments Norfolk VA you should consider. Facial treatments help beautify natural facial features by removing flaking skin cells and unclogging skin pores. Facial skincare improves circulation and promotes the growth of collagen, which can slow aging and eliminate dry skin. White cream is usually applied on the face to hydrate the skin, ultimately eliminating acne and other unsightly blemishes from the face. 

Body Treatments

Lotion is applied throughout the back and legs to smoothen the skin. The most popular type of treatment is the body scrub, a method the therapist uses to apply aromatics and sea salt. The back is thoroughly scrubbed, eliminating dead skin and leaving the skin feeling smoother. Body treatment options may or may not include a Vichy shower, an overhead shower that provides quick and cooling relief. Options without a Vichy shower are more akin to massages than something more individualistic. 

Spa treatments are helpful, as they provide relaxation and relieve the joints. Body massages are the most popular option due to the famous Swedish massage. However, body treatments are also becoming more popular. For clients who simply feel insecure about their looks, facial treatment remains the best option. 

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