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What To Pack for Your First Glamping Trip

If you love spending a few nights away surrounded by nature, but are “allergic” to tents and RVs, glamorous camping is a great alternative. Commonly known as glamping, you get the feel of a tent combined with all the luxury of a resort cabin in a peaceful, scenic location. We’re talking canvas sides on a sturdy structure with a solid floor, real beds with linens, actual bedroom furniture, electricity, air-conditioning, a front door and your own furnished porch with a view. Some locations include an on-call butler, spas, chef-prepared meals and a full bathroom with heated floors and luxurious amenities. If you decide to give glamping a try, here’s a list of items you want to pack for your first trip.

Personal Essentials

Bring any prescription drugs and supplements you take daily. Don’t forget your body and skincare routine items and your toothpaste and toothbrush. Grab your favorite sunscreen and pick up some insect repellant since you’ll spend a lot of time outdoors. Be prepared for any mishaps with a small first aid kit stocked with acetaminophen, bandages, antibacterial cream, aloe gel and bug bite treatment

Outdoor Wear

Since glamping resorts are located in or near wilderness areas, you’ll want to be prepared to get out and play! A must is comfortable boots for hiking and water shoes if your resort has water access. Pack shorts, jeans or pants and a variety of shirts you can layer on or off during the day depending on the weather. Toss in a cozy sweatshirt to keep you cozy as you indulge in s’mores by the evening campfire. A hat, sunglasses, water bottle, daypack and rain gear will keep you ready for any activity.

Downtime Activities

Balance your outdoor fun adventures with some dedicated time to relax and enjoy the natural views. Bring along your e-reader or that book you’ve been meaning to read for months and a couple of magazines. Yoga enthusiasts should pack yoga clothes and a mat for time doing a few downward dogs or sun salutations on your front porch. Pack your mobile game console or go old-school with board games or cards.


If your glamping resort doesn’t include meals, bring along a variety of your favorite snacks. They will come in handy if you get the afternoon munchies or need refueling after a challenging mountain bike run or kayak trip.

Pack these items for your first glamping experience and you’ll be ready to enjoy luxury and beauty in the great outdoors.

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