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Top Reasons To Adopt a German Shepherd

German Shepherds are one of the most recognizable dogs in the world. Everyone knows what wonderful police dogs they make, but how are they as family dogs? If you’ve been thinking about making a dog part of your family, you might be wondering exactly why this breed is so well-loved. Here are four of the top reasons a German Shepherd is a great choice for adoption.

They’re Extremely Intelligent

German Shepherds, also known as GSDs, are the third most intelligent dog on the planet. One way this intelligence is measured is by how many repetitions a dog needs before it learns a command. Shepherds can learn a command in fewer than five attempts, many times on the first try. This quality is why so many German Shepherds are used in police work, the military and as guard dogs.

You’ll Never Worry About Safety

When you bring a pink papered German Shepherd into your home, you’ll never have to be concerned about your safety again. These loving dogs are now part of your family and won’t let any harm come to you or your children. This protective trait doesn’t mean that GSDs are mean—quite the contrary. They’re intelligent enough to know who your friends and family are, and who is a perceived threat. 

German Shepherds Are Easy To Train

Due to their extreme intelligence, German Shepherds are a pleasure to train. They’ll easily learn any tricks you want to teach them and shepherd puppies are some of the fastest to housebreak. Dogs that are this smart need to be challenged and GSDs love to feel like they’ve got a job to do. They love mental exercises in the form of hide and seek and find the hidden treat games. 

Loyalty Is in Their Blood

German Shepherds are among the most loyal dogs you can own. Of course, this depends on how the dog is raised. With German Shepherds, loyalty must be earned and that’s achieved by taking the lead yourself. Your dog must feel safe with you. Once you earn his trust, he’ll be a faithful friend forever.

They’re Excellent Companions

If the German Shepherd is the breed you’re interested in adopting, you’ll be making an excellent choice. You’ll never find a better companion that’s more fun to train or more willing to protect your family than a GSD. Once you adopt a German Shepherd, you’ll truly understand why they make such terrific family pets.

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