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What is RF Microneedling?

Radiofrequency (rf) microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment that can produce long-lasting improvements in skin appearance, texture and elasticity. Because the treatment encourages skin to produce additional collagen, the results are longer-lasting than those of many other nonsurgical anti-aging treatments.

What is RF Microneedling?

Microneedling uses a dermaroller device to create micro-punctures in skin tissue. These small injuries serve to initiate a healing response. The skin responds by rebuilding with collagen and new skin tissue. Non-professional dermarollers are sold for home use, though most experts recommend the procedure be performed in a medical setting.

In contrast, rf microneedling treatments are administered only by medical professionals. These treatments take microneedling to another level by introducing radio frequency energy which warms the deeper skin tissues, further encouraging new collagen production.

What does RF Microneedling Treat?

RF microneedling treats a wide range of skin problems but is most commonly used on acne scars and wrinkles. Because microneedling actually encourages the production of new skin tissue, it can also improve overall skin texture and evenness. 

What to Expect From RF Microneedling Treatment

Only a medical professional can assess whether you are a good candidate for RF microneedling treatments. During a consultation, a doctor will assess your skincare goals and needs, discuss any pre-existing medical conditions and formulate a treatment plan. The number and length of treatments will depend upon several factors including your budget, sizes of areas treated and desired results. On average, most patients will have two to four treatments. 

The day of treatment, you can expect to be at the doctor’s office from one to three hours. RF treatment does not require sedation, so you can drive yourself to and from the appointment. When you arrive, your provider will apply a topical numbing cream to your skin. After the skin is numb, the doctor will slowly move a handheld device over the skin. The short insulated needles puncture the skin while emitting radio energy. Most patients report feeling little to no discomfort but may notice a tingling or warming sensation.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

RF microneedling produces long-lasting improvements in skin texture, smoothness and elasticity. However, the results are not instant as collagen production takes time to ramp up after treatment. Most patients will see some results within a few weeks and maximum results within three to six months.

Immediately after treatment, some patients will experience redness or pinpoint bleeding or slight bruising but these will typically resolve quickly.

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