4 Tips For New Competitive Shooters

Diving into the world of competitive shooting can be an exciting experience. The chance to improve skills and move up in rankings over time is an enjoyable prospect for many new shooters. People who are new to the shooting world may find the process a bit intimidating, but as long as they follow the rules and are friendly to the other people at the tournament, they have the potential to make many new friends and acquaintances.

1. Be Ready Early

Showing up early will allow new shooters to have plenty of time to iron out any issues before the competition begins. Allow enough time for travel to account for heavy traffic or difficulties locating the event or finding parking. Be ready to go well before the stated start time to avoid rushing and forgetting to do something. Unpack the necessary guns, DeSantis holsters, and anything else that may be needed to keep from digging around in a panic trying to locate necessary items.

2. Learn the Rules

Most tournaments have the rules clearly laid out for shooters when they enter. They are often posted online, so check the website carefully to ensure compliance with all of the rules ahead of time. Not following the rules properly may result in disqualification, so be sure to ask plenty of questions before the tournament begins to avoid confusion.

3. Dress Appropriately

The weather can change quickly, so be prepared for heat, cold and precipitation. Even if the temperature is supposed to be warm, pack extra layers in case the afternoon brings on an unexpected cool breeze or rain. Some events are televised, so be aware that clothing that does not portray the event in a good light may be nixed. It is a good idea to wear tasteful clothing that does not contain lewd words or pictures or make commentary on controversial topics.

4. Practise Regularly

Anyone who wants to perform well in competitions should make sure that they practice regularly with the exact gun and ammunition they will be using at tournaments. Try to duplicate the conditions as much as possible to become comfortable with the shooting environment and reduce mistakes. Go with a friend and ask them if they notice anything that can be corrected to improve timing or accuracy.

Competitive shooting can be a great hobby for people to get into if they enjoy pitting their skills against others, have the time to practice often and enjoy sharpening their shooting abilities.

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