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How To Choose the Right Counselor

Counseling can be one of the most beneficial things you do for your well-being. It is an opportunity for you to process challenging situations you find yourself in, difficult emotions you’re having, and a place to learn how to cope in a healthy way. However, successful counseling is the product of a trusting and rapport-filled counselor-client relationship, which is why it is important to put thought into which counselor you choose.

Review the Counselor’s Credentials

Certified counselors have the education, licenses, and certifications as proof of their credentials and ability to provide informed care, and they are often listed on the counselor’s website. There are many different education backgrounds, licenses, and certifications counselors can have, so it is good to research the letters behind their name to verify they have appropriate training. Keep in mind that one type of training is not necessarily better than the other, as long as they have approved and recognized credentials by state or national boards.

Meet With the Counselor

If you have narrowed it down to an individual counseling Denver CO provider, schedule an appointment with him or her. The most effective therapy often comes down to how well you and your counselor ‘fit,’ meaning how well you build rapport, how much you trust him or her, and if his or her style is in sync with your personality and needs. Meeting the counselor can give you a feel for if you want to try a few sessions and see how it goes.

Ask About Therapy Approach

There are different approaches to therapy a counselor can draw from, and some may work better for you than others depending on your personal style. When you meet with a counselor, ask about what therapy approaches he or she draws from, how it is implemented in practice, and how that can benefit you.

Once you have found a counselor who is right for you, you can begin the important work of taking care of your health.

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