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Preparing for Your Wedding Day: Three Splurges You Must Invest In

Every bride wants to absolutely wow their future spouse on their wedding day when that first reveal comes. And as you prepare for your wedding day, here are three splurges you will never regret making to create your perfect day.

Professional Make-Up

Whether you are a novice or a professional make-up artist yourself, your wedding day is one day when you want to allow someone else to give you the look you want. Ask for local bridal makeup Long Island NY recommendations from family, friends or colleagues and make sure you have a consult and trial run before your big day. Spend some time looking through bridal magazines, wedding photographs or other sources for inspiration so you can share the look and techniques you are most excited to wear on your wedding day. Consider adding extras like lash extensions, a professional manicure and pedicure or even a custom-made palette of make-up to exactly complement your complexion. 


The one primary way you will remember your special wedding day is through the photographs taken throughout the day. From the time you spend preparing for your day to the very last dance, you want to capture the essence of every main part of your day and the love between you and your significant other and all of those who come to celebrate you. While the price of a photographer does not guarantee the quality, you will pay more for an experienced wedding photographer and so it is imperative you find someone with great recommendations, a great portfolio and a great experience.


While your actual wedding day will have a lifetime of memories, perhaps the most important piece you are building is a lifetime of togetherness. In this respect, your first few days or weeks together as a couple alone are a huge piece of that foundation you will build as spouses. Whether it is prioritizing your finances and time off work so you can take a longer honeymoon or planning and discovering a new place full of adventures that you can bond together over, make sure your honeymoon is full of time to just talk and grow together as a couple.

Planning your wedding day comes with a lot of costs but there are some costs you will never regret such as your beautiful look, your photographs and your honeymoon. While the upfront costs can seem intimidating, all three of these things are memories you will always treasure and remember for years to come. 

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