How to Engage and Learn More About Someone on a Blind Date

Learning about someone is the whole point of a blind date. If you feel the need to talk the whole time, then that someone is 1) not for you or 2) just putting up with your narcissism until the check comes. Keep your self-talk at a leveled playing field with your date. How so? This article covers a few tips on how you can engage your blind date in a fun way while learning more about what makes them tick.

Side note: Connection is a big deal. If you follow these tips and still feel zero connection with your date, cut your losses politely and call it a night. No sense in wasting both of your times with jabber that neither of you are enjoying.

Play the Question Game

The question game is something you probably played with new friends in elementary and middle schools, but it can be modified to be effective in blind date situations. Suggest asking each other questions as conversation starters.

For example—favorite color? Favorite hobby? Favorite motorcycle riding gear brand? They will answer, then you answer. Go back and forth, throwing up questions that both of you should put forth an answer to. Simple questions can lead to bigger, more important life questions, which ultimately is how you learn the most about someone.

Admit Your Nervousness and Laugh it Off with Them

Most people are super anxious and/or nervous on a blind date. The key is to admit it, then laugh because both of you feel the same. It’s an icebreaker. And it shows the other person that you are capable of having a light chuckle at yourself.

Be Upfront About What You Want Relationship-wise

Do you want something meaningful and hopefully long-term? Do you want a casual fling or a friends-with-benefits? Do you simply want to see where a date might lead? Be upfront and honest about what you want romantically. Not everyone wants the same things, so it’s important to put forth your expectations of why you’re dating and what you hope will come from your dating endeavors.

Avoid Spilling Too Many Beans About Your Past Relationships (i.e. Bad Breakups, Crazy Exes, etc.)

Past relationships are a touchy subject. Yes, everyone has them. Yes, everyone has had a bad one. But no, your blind date doesn’t need to hear the gory details right from the start. Save in-depth past relationship conversations for when you both know each other a little better.

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