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What to Pack for Your Beach Vacation

Beaches are among the most popular vacation destinations, and beach houses are a great choice for lodging. While beach rentals come equipped with lots of essentials, there are likely some things you’ll have to bring with you. Here are some items to bring to Waterfront Rentals Newport Beach CA.


One thing that your beach rental won’t offer is food, so plan on shopping before you arrive at your destination. Make sure you prepare for as many meals as you’ll be eating throughout your trip. This will take intentional meal planning, keeping in mind that you’ll need breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can keep it simple with breakfast and buy a few dozen eggs, pancake mix, bread and condiments. For lunch, sandwiches are the easy way to go. If your property comes with a grill, hot dogs, hamburgers and brats are always crowd-pleasers. You’ll also want to grab condiments and sides for lunch and dinner. Throw in some snacks and sodas and no one will go hungry.


You’ll likely have hours on end to lounge on your beach vacation, which is great. However, it can also get boring if all you bring for entertainment is your phone. Finding ways to have fun while unplugging is healthy for everyone, so think in terms of old-fashioned forms of entertainment. Card games of all types are great for cozy nights in your rental. Board games and crafts are also good ideas. Movie nights are a must, so pack some DVDs and plenty of popcorn and candy. For days spent in the sand, beach toys are essential if you have kids. Buckets of varying sizes, water guns, and shovels will keep kids occupied for hours.


You’ll probably be spending a lot of time in the kitchen if you have a beach rental, which can be more fun than you think. If you need your daily caffeine fix, make sure the rental comes with a coffeemaker. If it doesn’t, you can bring your own. You can also bring instant coffee or a travel French press. To ensure you have a clean kitchen, bring paper towels, dishwasher pods, dish soap and a dishrag. For leftovers, gather some aluminum foil, Tupperware and plastic storage bags.

You can never be sure where the nearest well-stocked store will be, so it’s better to be prepared for your beach rental. You can check the rental company’s website to get an idea of what’s already included and crosscheck that list against your own.

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