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Hygienic Items To Keep Behind the Bar

Operating a bar can be a messy enterprise. Keeping your bar clean is necessary for bringing it up to code and for the safety of your customers. That means cleaning can be just as important as pouring in this business. What sort of supplies will you need?


When you think of a bartender, you usually picture some sort of cloth slung over their shoulder. Cleaning rags are essential for keeping surfaces clean. However, it’s not so hygienic to use the same rag over and over, as this can actually spread germs rather than eradicate them. It’s a good idea to keep a large supply of industrial cotton rags below the bar, in addition to a laundry or disposal unit, depending on how you want to handle the used rags.


At the end of the night, or when cleaning up spills, sometimes you need more than just a rag. Spray bottles full of safe, industrial cleaner should be kept behind the bar to keep your space sparkling and germ-free. Spraying and wiping down surfaces should be done multiple times a day, but should not replace the occasional deep clean. If you can afford it, a clean glass washing system can make keeping up with glassware a lot easier.


The surfaces get a lot of attention in a bar, but you shouldn’t forget the floors. A broom and pan can be invaluable for cleaning up broken glass safely, and the floors should be swept at the end of each night. Every so often the floors should also be cleaned with a mop or an industrial type Swiffer, as well. Depending on the type of flooring you have, like carpeting, you may want to invest in an industrial vacuum cleaner.

You can never have too many cleaning items when it comes to your bar’s hygiene. Once you’ve got the basics covered, feel free to look into what technology may have to offer for your cleaning needs. There’s nothing wrong with making your life easier!

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