Polish Your Look for Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day holds untold potential for a wonderful life with the one you love, but sometimes the planning of it can become overwhelming. While you are scheduling cake tastings, bridal registries and photographers, pencil in a bit of time completely dedicated to a little self-care. No matter what else takes place on your wedding day, you will handle it better if you are feeling your beautiful best. Here are a few tips to consider.

The Perfect Up-do

Whether you have a favorite salon or a talented friend, don’t wait until the day of the wedding to try out your wedding hair style. About a week ahead, have hair trimmed and colored, if desired and let your stylist tweak and rearrange your hair until you are completely satisfied. Then have photos taken from various angles to refer to on your big day.

Tweezing and Hair Removal

Tweezing or threading your brows should be done the night before to minimize redness and puffiness it may cause. Gently passing ice cubes over the affected area can also reduce the effects. If you plan to wax, do it a few days ahead so any irritation can subside. Or go high tech and make an appointment for the Gentlemax Pro lasers New York NY brides are loving for targeted hair removal.


Your fingers and toes should be just as beautiful as the rest of you. A mani-pedi can be a fun activity to do with your bridesmaid or sisters a day or two before the wedding. Avoid getting super long nails put on, as it will make your day more difficult to manage and will draw attention to your nails rather than your beautiful ring. A French manicure or nude tones will make your fingers look longer and slimmer.

Spending a bit of time on yourself will boost your confidence and may help any other little mishaps seem less important. Now you will be ready to put your best self forward and enjoy your perfect day.

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