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Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

A wedding anniversary is an exciting time, whether you’re celebrating your first year married or your 50th. You want to get your partner something that shows you put some thought into the present and lets them know how much they mean to you. 

Traditional wedding gifts have been used as a guide for what to get spouses for hundreds of years. Each year has a special meaning, color and even what kind of flower to get. While there have been some modern updates, you can never go wrong sticking to the basics. Here are some ideas for what you can get your spouse for your anniversary based on how long you’ve been married. 

1st Year

Paper is the traditional gift for your first anniversary. It symbolizes the beginning of a book. You and your spouse are just starting writing your new chapters. The color for this anniversary is gold or yellow, so traditionally, you would find some way to work those colors into your gift. Additionally, if you wanted to choose flowers for your gift, tradition says to give carnations or pansies.

For this gift, consider writing your spouse a special letter telling them how much you love them. Include special moments from your first year together. If you wanted to do something more modern, you could consider doing a clock or watch that would symbolize your special time together. Your local jewelry store Midland TX could even engrave the watch band for you. 

10th Year

Tin or Aluminum is the traditional gift for this anniversary. They symbolize longevity and preservation. It represents the ability to stay strong and have a marriage that lasts. Silver or blue are the colors for this anniversary year, and the flower is daffodils. Additionally, the traditional jewelry present for this year is something with a diamond. 

If you want to do something more modern, consider getting your spouse diamond earrings or diamond cufflinks. However, if you wanted to stay traditional, you could do something extra special with an engraved aluminum star map of your anniversary date.

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