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Types of Hair Extensions

Hair is an integral part of every style. Therefore, it is important for everyone to make their hair a reflection of themselves. One of the ways to do this is by using hair extension. Like other hair services Bronx NY, there are lots of types of hair extensions. By understanding the differences between them, people can find the right extensions to meet their needs.

Real Human Tape in Hair Extensions

These hair extensions are made from a pure blend of human hair. These extensions have not been mixed with other products such as animal or synthetic hair. When these products are labeled as real human hair, this informs the buyer that the product does not have anything except human hair. At the same time, human hair extensions also come in varying levels of quality.

Remy Tape in Hair Extensions

These hair extensions are considered to be the highest quality option. Remy hair has been collected with the cuticle intact. This means that the hair extension flows in the same direction from root to tip. This makes the hair extension much easier to style. Remy extensions are also made from human hair.

Non-Remy Hair Extensions

Non-Remy hair has been collected from multiple donors. While this option is usually less expensive, non-Remy hair is not uniform. The cuticles aren’t aligned and the hairs tend to point in different directions. This means that the hair is less supple and tends to tangle.  Manufacturers often apply a coating to the hair which will minimize the possibility of tangles developing. Sadly, the coating is going to wear off eventually, leading to issues.

Virgin Hair Tape in Hair Extensions

If hair extensions have been labeled as virgin, this means that they have never been processed in any manner. Generally, this term also refers to a single donor that has not been mixed with animal hair. These kinds of extensions are challenging to find. They are usually handmade specifically from one person’s head for another individual. Furthermore, if virgin hair extensions are colored or dyed, they are no longer considered virgin. These specific criteria make these hair extensions valuable.

Hair Extensions Add Style and Flair

These are only a few of the numerous options when it comes to hair extensions. These products allow someone to tailor their style to meet their needs without damaging the roots of their own hair. Professional hair stylists know how to use extensions to meet the needs of their customers.

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