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Tattoos Influenced by Religion and Spirituality 

The benefit of having tattoo in your body is, you can show something that other people will not know its meaning. It feels unique, private and beautiful, but those things can you get if you use special symbol such as Hebrew tattoo ideas. Many celebrities in Hollywood have it in their body such as Victoria Beckham or Angelina Jolie.

Choosing the Hebrew tattoo is okay to have, as long as you consider some things first. First, you must know what you are making.  Some people like to have simple method to determine the Hebrew quote, which is by translating English word to Hebrew from computer translation. In fact, this thing can lead them to have wrong spelling, which can lead to the meaningless tattoo. It is better that you borrow Hebrew dictionary first to make sure that you write the right Hebrew letters.

If you really want to have Hebrew tattoo, make sure your tattoo maker knows about how to write it. Don’t see it as simple picture to write in your skin because when the tattoo maker doesn’t know about this, and he or she adds too much decoration, the Hebrew letters won’t be readable. If it happens to you, what else your reason to have it?

Humans cannot walk by themselves in this life because there is bigger power above, and religion is considered by some people as the bridge which connect the gap between it. To appreciate what they believe and let the world know about it, people usually use religious tattoo designs on their body. What are they?

Most religious tattoo designs use angel wing as the main inspiration of the tattoo. Besides it has beautiful artistic design, the symbol of angel wing is considered as neutral choice for any religion. It doesn’t show what religion that you are trusting, but it’s just show that you have a belief. A quote is usually added to emphasize special thing. Another symbol which attracts people’s attention is Buddhist religious tattoo such as Kwan Im Goddess, Rulai Buddha or Hanoman. Most people think, Buddhist symbols are richer, so people can have many options. It is also considered as exotic symbol.

Besides pointing in specific religious, most people use the supporting religious element such as ambigram, fire or elephant. Mostly religious tattoo is painted in the back, since the religious tattoo requires wider place to draw the figure. Also, the designer must draw the supporting detail to emphasize the figure.

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