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Skin types and how to care for them

What is your skin type? This is a question you may not often hear, although it’s very important to know which skin type you have in order to care for it properly.


You can tell you have oily skin if it is shiny and your pores are large. People with oily skin often get breakouts or blackheads. Heat, stress and hormonal imbalances tend to contribute to oily skin. Oily skin can be washed twice a day, as well as any time the skin gets sweaty. This will help reduce breakouts and blemishes.


Dry skin is usually characterized by small pores, more wrinkles or lines and red or rough patches. If you suffer from dry skin, you may have experienced painful cracking, especially on the backs of your hands. Long, hot showers, sun exposure, wind, cold and some types of cosmetic products tend to exacerbate dry skin. If you have dry skin, be sure to shower only once a day and as quickly as possible. Moisturize your skin as often as necessary, but especially right after taking a shower.


Normal skin has few or no sensitivities or blemishes and the pores are difficult to detect since they are so small.


Sensitive skin has a stronger tendency to have an adverse reaction to products being used. These reactions may show up as red, dry and/or itchy patches. If you have sensitive skin, it is important to pay attention to things in your environment or products you use that cause a reaction. Mild skin care products like hypoallergenic skin care kits can help keep sensitive skin healthy.


Combination skin typically includes patches of various different skin types. For example, you may have mostly dry skin with the exception of an oily patch on your forehead.

No matter your skin type, staying hydrated and using proper protection from sun exposure are the best ways to keep your skin healthy.

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