How To Help Friends Who Aren’t Feeling Well

When your friends aren’t feeling well, you probably want to do something to lift their spirits. They likely won’t feel up to going out for a night on the town, but you can still be thoughtful in how you can help them, which will hopefully help them start to feel better. Here are some things you can do to help friends that aren’t feeling their best. 

Make Them Dinner

Whether your friend is recovering from surgery or has a bad cold, they likely will not feel up to making dinner. To help them out, make some freezer meals that your friend can throw in the fridge in the morning and then toss into the oven at night. If you put them in disposable aluminum pans, then they won’t have to worry about clean up at the end of the night, so it’s a win-win situation. 

Give a Gift Basket

Sometimes, a gift basket can do wonders to help boost the mood of someone that isn’t feeling well. If your friend has a terrible cold, then perhaps they’d love to get some wellness baskets. For one basket, fill it with tissues, cough medicine, cough drops, and a menthol-based rub. Then, for another basket, put in different cookies, crackers, candies and drinks that they like. You could even consider throwing in a few codes for them to rent some movies online to watch through their favorite streaming app.

Watch Their Kids

If your friend is trying to get better while having their kids around, they likely aren’t getting the rest and relaxation they need to get better. To help them the most, offer to watch their kids for the day. Or, if you have the availability, for a few days. The kids will be excited for the change of scenery, and your friend will be excited to get a break and not have to worry about their kids hanging on them non-stop. 

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