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Buddha and Zodic Tattoos

Even though it is not proven to have magical thing, but many people love to follow what zodiac says about their life. That’s the reason why many magazines still put the zodiac article first. If you are proud of your zodiac, you can use it as the tattoo symbol. These are some tattoo designs for aries zodiac.

Having zodiac tattoo in your body allows you to be creative and dynamic. If you are afraid of feeling painful, you can try simple aries word tattoo in your arm. To make it more artistic, you can choose celestial or flower to decorate the word. However, if you want to have unique tattoo design, you can modify the basic picture of your zodiac.

Aries zodiac is represented by a goat picture. If you are girl, the goat picture can be modified to be cute and funny picture by adding star or green leaves in it. It will add the feminine characteristic to your appearance. If you are a man, this cure funny goat can be modified to be the mysterious horn symbol in your arm. Add fire or chain picture to make the appearance darker.  Zodiac tattoo is suitable to be put in the finger or ankle. For man, aries zodiac will be awesome if it is put on the arm.

Buddha is a religious which is known as the oldest belief in this world. It appeared when human still didn’t know about the life society. In Buddhist holy books, there are so many symbols that can be used as tattoo’s design.  If you have no idea about what holy buddhist tattoos designs that you can use to decorate your body, you can check some of them here.

Buddhist tattoo has richer variations than another religious tattoos design because this religion uses many symbols to represent the meaning in the religion. First is the figure. The existence of many Gods and Goddess can bring wider inspiration in the tattoo style. You can choose among Buddha Rulai, Bodisatya or Goddess Kwan Im. Next, you also can choose the flower Lotus or jasmine if you want to have a feminine tattoo design in your body.

Buddhist religion also has some animal symbols that represent the braveness meaning such as lion, elephant or tiger. Recently, many celebrities in Hollywood love to wear the colorful Sak Yant tattoo in their body parts, so why don’t you try the same?! However, no matter what symbol that you choose, you must know the meaning of the symbol that you create, so the tattoo is more meaningful.

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