A Quick Guide to Pre-Employment Driving Record Checks

Performing a background check on a potential employee’s driving history can tell a lot about their character. This is especially true for jobs requiring a lot of driving. A person’s driving history can also show if they’ve engaged in illegal or harmful activities, such as DUIs. Keeping this information handy will ensure that your employees don’t run into any surprises during your background check. In addition, a pre-employment driving record will tell you a lot about the candidate, particularly if you are applying for a job that involves a lot of driving. Not only will it improve your chances of getting the job, but you can avoid identity theft if you know the candidate’s driving history. However, this does not guarantee that the applicant has a clean driving record.


A complete driving record will show any accidents, speeding tickets, and violations. It will also include deferred prosecutions and failures to appear in court. While a good driver may have no incidents, it is not uncommon for a person with multiple speeding tickets or other incidents to have accidents. Whether you need to perform a background check for employment purposes or want to know if your potential hire has a clean driving record, this article will walk you through the steps and costs of performing a background check. It also includes tips for obtaining the information. This article will also explain what a background check for employment entails and how you can benefit from it.


A motor vehicle record report is one way to verify an applicant’s license status and identify any driving-related violations. The results of such a report are provided by the state department of motor vehicles or a similar entity. However, these reports are limited to the last three years, while other states may provide records for as long as seven years. Additionally, the words do not show traffic violations in other states. A motor vehicle record search requires a driver to sign a release form under the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) to obtain the information.


The FMCSA has established specific pre-employment screening procedures for the trucking industry. These procedures include checking for the most recent five years’ crash data, three-year roadside inspection records, and county criminal history searches. Besides the FMCSA, other employers use these procedures before hiring drivers for company vehicles. 

The process of running a pre-employment driving record check requires the driver to sign a release form and a Fair Credit Reporting Act disclosure form. In addition, it is necessary to disclose the background check results and why. Some employers have strict guidelines for this process; you will need to follow them to stay within the law. For example, if the position requires driving, the company is legally responsible for the driver’s safety, so they must disclose their background check results.

How Long It Lasts

In short, once performed, a background check is permanent. Although most employers only screen candidates before hiring, some may conduct background checks every 2-5 years. In general, this is unnecessary because background checks cover an employee’s entire history, and chances are an organization is aware of any criminal convictions that occur while a team member is on the job. However, some businesses have begun to conduct continuous checks in order to avoid claims of workplace negligence or violence.

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