4 Tips for Hiring the Right Voice-Over Actors

Marketing teams spend hours perfecting a campaign and coming up with advertisements that will appeal to the target audience. From upbeat, snappy commercials full of wit and sparkle to slower-paced, sincere and moving advertisements, the right voice talent can bring imbue the words with the right meaning. Finding the right voice-over actor for a project is vital to increase the success of the project. The following tips can help marketing departments find the right person for the job.

1. Conduct an Online Search

Look online to get an idea of what kind of talent is out there and what the expectations are for the type of work they perform. Professional voice-over actors often have websites with information about their qualifications and samples of their work. Make a list of the female and male voice talent and compare the results.

2. Speak With Voice-Over Coaches

Professional voice coaches can be an excellent resource for businesses that need to hire dependable, quality voice-over talent. If the need for actors will be ongoing, then developing relationships with voice coaches is a great way to ensure a steady stream of available voice-over actors.

3. Consider the Project Needs

Even the best voice-over actor in the world is not suitable for every type of project. Think about the company’s brand, the desired tone and the message being conveyed when deciding which actor to hire. For example, an advertisement for a dark, brooding movie may be best served by someone with a deep voice full of foreboding, while a commercial for a children’s toy may require someone with a higher pitch or faster delivery style.

4. Ask For Samples or Auditions

Bringing an advertisement to life involves more than just reading the words written on the page. The right voice-over actor will make the listener respond to the message in an immediate and effective way. An experienced actor should be able to provide the nuance and depth needed to bring the part to life with minimal directions. Ask for samples and have the top choices perform an audition to ensure the right person is selected. It is not necessary or expected for the voice actor to read the entire script when providing the sample or audition; however, they should have enough lines to convey their interpretation of the part.

Finding the right voice-over actor for a part is not always easy. However, by figuring out exactly what the role requires and seeking out actors who will best fit the project, marketing teams can help the process go faster and easier.

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